Exploring Wanaka, Queenstown, & Milford Sound

Over Christmas time, we spent a few days each in Queenstown (probably the most touristy town in New Zealand), Wanaka (Queenstown's smaller and less touristy neighbor), and world-famous Milford Sound further south. After surviving a night at the dingiest hostel we've experienced, we did most of the Mount Iron Walk to get a glimpse of... Continue Reading →


10 Things We’ll Miss About New Zealand

As we prepare to wrap up our tour of New Zealand in the next few weeks, we're already starting to get nostalgic about the little things we'll miss about this country once we depart. Of course, the photogenic scenery and vastly varied landscapes are a given, but here are a few other things we'll miss,... Continue Reading →

Exploring the West Coast (of New Zealand)

The West Coast region of the South Island (not to be confused with California/Oregon/Washington) is known for its beautiful rugged coastline, lots of rain, and sandflies (which have itchier bites than mosquitos). We were warned of sandflies by multiple Kiwis (New Zealanders) before we arrived, so we stocked up on DEET repellent, which is the... Continue Reading →

10 Things We Miss About the US

There's nothing quite like long-term travel to make you truly appreciate some seemingly mundane things about home. Having been away from the US for the second half of this year, there are quite a few things that we miss here in New Zealand. In no particular order: Clothes dryers (and fabric softener). While many households... Continue Reading →

Japan Trip: Food Photo Journal

In the 10 days we spent in Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, & Tokyo, we never missed an opportunity to get sushi - dine-in, takeaway, conveyer, supermarket. And because it is Japan, they were all delicious. We waited more than an hour for dining at Sushi No-Midori in Tokyo, but it was well-worth it to have sushi... Continue Reading →

China Trip: Food Photo Journal

Written by Insia. Last month we left the open green hills of New Zealand and traveled to the concrete jungle of Shanghai, China, mostly to visit my extended family. Since the culture is so revolved around food, we got to enjoy plenty of good eats as well. Rob is used to family-style dinners and more... Continue Reading →


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