36 Hours in Sunny San Diego

Spoiler alert: it was sunny the whole time. We managed to fit in quite a bit of sightseeing in our 36 hours in San Diego, after disembarking our cruise with no security checks whatsoever. While San Diego has never stood out to me previously as a must-visit destination, its mix of sunny Southern California weather,... Continue Reading →

Trans-Pacific Sailing (or, 25 Days Cruising with Retirees)

To make our way from New Zealand back to the US, we took the leisurely way and set sail on the Holland America Lines Maasdam cruise ship across the Pacific Ocean. The journey took 25 days, but at least we weren't cramped in an economy airline seat for 12 hours. We had the chance to... Continue Reading →

Our Most Memorable NZ Accommodations

Having stayed in a total of 35 different accommodations in New Zealand, we’ve had some very memorable experiences, from the excellent to the awful. The initial plan for our working holiday was to find short-term rentals and look for temporary work in each place. However, we quickly realized that it is quite uncommon for self-contained... Continue Reading →

Our New Zealand South Island Road Trip

If you missed it, read the North Island roundup here. The South Island is known as the more rugged, more remote island of New Zealand. Our road trip here was considerably shorter in duration than the North Island, mainly due to sparse accommodation options (especially on the West Coast, which is sparsely settled) and higher... Continue Reading →


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